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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Image Processing & Electronic Document Management System

Enjoy paperless environment Ease of access Rapid & Faster Convenient data storage MMC Electronic Document Management Solution is a comprehensive DMS for small and medium organizations for organize and manage their paper record digitally.

Data Entry & Data Conversion Services

At MMC, provide data conversion services (bpo) designed to meet the unique needs of all our clients. We specialize in providing data conversion services to organizations with large amounts of information and complex system requirements. The goal of our data conversion services is to help you standardize your diverse information and store it in a central repository, allowing you to utilize it in your content management systems.

Electronic Data Conversion Services

MMC uses state-of-the-art conversion tools that allow us to convert electronic data from its existing format. No matter what the current state of your data may be, MMC provides the necessary data conversion services to convert that data to a platform-neutral, electronic format such as XML that is suitable for importing into a data repository. MMC electronic data conversion services go far beyond the capabilities of many other data conversion services. If no off-the-shelf alternative exists, we will create custom data conversion software to convert data into a usable electronic format.

BPO Services

The two main categories of service when it comes to BPO are front office and back office services. Front office services handle contracting your company’s customers through services like call centers, marketing, and tech support, while back office services handle internal business processes like billing or purchasing. BPO companies like MMC typically combine these back and front office services.


Accelerate Productivity

MMC aims to accelerate your productivity. We examine your revenue areas, enable you to focus more on customers, and gain momentum for other significant projects to accelerate the productivity rate.

Emerging Technology

With the latest and the most advanced technology, we provide businesses with flexible BPO solutions to meet client demands. Moreover, we assist you to invest in emerging technologies whilst avoiding financial losses and risks.

Valuable Resources

Intersoft supplies business support services to ensure smooth workflows. Truly, our experts make sure that your business activities are operated efficiently. Moreover, we try allocating your resources to empower your business.

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MMC Launched in 1995, as a Customer Support Organization with the fundamental objective and vision in providing assistance and services for the growing businesses technical needs. Services include an in-depth and insight study of client needs and requirement identification, suggestions and consultancy for devising, monitoring and developing integrated information system for a future expansion in your business productivity and performance .


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